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Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteers

Since 1979, North Carolina Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteers (EMGVs) have been leaders in this internationally acclaimed program, guiding homeowners in making environmentally sound decisions in their landscapes. Trained by North Carolina State University faculty and staff, EMGVs provide research-based information about gardening and environmental stewardship to individuals and communities across the state. EMGVs engage the community through education and outreach on a wide variety of subjects and through a broad spectrum of projects, all designed to maximize their impact.

Cover photo for Animal Damage to Watermelons

Animal Damage to Watermelons

Linking fruit or vegetable damage to a specific animal can be tricky, unless you have video of the animal …

Cover photo for Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Around 1979, while a senior studying horticulture at the University of Tennessee, I transplanted several small winged euonymus (Euonymus …

Spotted Lanternfly Resource Page

Learn more about spotted lanternfly from the Spotted Lanternfly Resource Page and join the lookout for its arrival in …

Cover photo for Slime Mold? No Problem!

Slime Mold? No Problem!

Lately, we’ve been receiving inquiries about irregular patches of dark material, resembling grease or oil, on the leaf blades …

Cover photo for Dodder


Watch for the parasitic plant known as dodder (Cuscuta spp.) this summer. There are a number of species represented …