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Cover photo for Epicormic Buds on Crapemyrtle

Epicormic Buds on Crapemyrtle

Epicormic buds are dormant buds found along stems, and are normally not easy to see unless you’re looking at …

Cover photo for What's in Your Woods?

What's in Your Woods?

Thinning out the overgrown vegetation in a wooded area of your property can be an adventure. You may encounter …

Cover photo for Time to Watch for Fusiform Rust

Time to Watch for Fusiform Rust

One of our Master Gardener℠ volunteers in Craven County has forwarded a nice image of fusiform rust on a …

Cover photo for Clipped Elm Twigs

Clipped Elm Twigs

In late March or early April, you may notice clipped elm twig ends laying on the ground. The fruit …

Eating Seasonally and Locally

Eating Seasonally and Locally

A Budget-Friendly Guide to Eating Fresh, Local, Produce. Dr. Alice Ammerman, professor in the Gillings School’s Department of Nutrition has recently …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden



This publication describes the habitat, cover, food, water habits and home range of various songbird …

2 days agoWorking With Wildlife
Steam is directed to the weeds growing in the cracks of pavement

Are There Alternatives to Glyphosate for Weed Control in Landscapes?

Many landscape maintenance professionals have grown reliant on glyphosate for weed control. Landscape weed control …

5 days ago
Photo of black raspberries.

Blackberries for the Home Garden

This publication is a home gardener's guide to planting, maintaining and harvesting blackberries.

6 days ago

Container Garden Planting Calendar for Edibles in the Piedmont

This publication offers a guide to growing edible plants year-round in containers. Includes planting and …

2 weeks ago

The Pour-Through Extraction Procedure: A Nutrient Management Tool for Nursery Crops

By routinely measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) and pH of growing media and irrigation water …

3 weeks ago

Field Production of Nursery Stock: Field Preparation, Planting and Planting Density

Field preparation using low-till practices, cover crops and soil amendments improves quality of both soils …

3 weeks ago

Ornamental Sweetpotatoes for the Home Landscape

Ornamental sweetpotatoes are extremely heat-tolerant, tropical, perennial vines grown as annuals in North Carolina. They …

3 weeks ago
Figure 1. Adult crane fly.

Crane Fly Larvae in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of crane fly larvae and addresses how to control them …

3 weeks agoTurfFiles