Centipedegrass Lawns Damaged by April Freeze

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Centipedegrass lawns in the Craven County area were visibly impacted by two consecutive nights with temperatures at or below freezing in early April. Within a week it was easy to spot large, irregular patches of straw-brown turf across the county; close inspection revealed individual grass blades that were still green at the base and the lower 1/4-1/3 of the leaf blade, but straw-colored from that point to the tips of the leaves. These lawns were well into the green-up process – encouraged by warm weather in March – and were consequently very susceptible to freeze damage. This is a very common scenario in our part of the state. The lawns should recover nicely during April and May, assuming plenty of warm weather and adequate rainfall (plus as-needed irrigation if it gets too dry). Our images were taken 4/6/21 at the Craven County Agricultural Building.
Centipedegrass lawnClose up of centipedegrass