2020 Southeastern Corn Variety Trail Results

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Each year N.C. Cooperative Extension agents in the Southeastern District coordinate with industry to plant corn varieties throughout the area. Varieties are selected by seed companies and planted under diverse yield environments. Fields are managed by cooperating growers and harvested using a weigh wagon. Data is combined to provide growers additional information to use when selecting varieties.

It should be noted that varietal performance will vary by location, planting date, and climatic factors following planting. As such, an overview for each plot can be found at NC State University and N.C. Cooperative Extension Field Trials and Demonstration Sites. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the cooperating grower or N.C. Cooperative Extension agent.

Data below shows the combined and individual county results. Blue highlighted cells indicate missing varieties, yellow highlight cells show the highest yielding variety at a given location and the red highlighted cells reflect varieties no longer available by this company.

2020 Southeastern Corn Variety Trail Results chart

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