Venus Flytrap Flowers

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The trap leaves get all the attention, but there’s also a lot to appreciate in the showy white flowers of Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula). In our first image, pollen grains are clearly visible on the anthers, which are the club-like structures borne on filaments. (For scale, the flowers are about 0.7-inch across). Venus flytrap pollen grains are exceptionally large, and thus fairly easy to make out with just a little bit of magnification. The additional images from Elsa Youngsteadt and Clyde Sorensen are of pollinators that were found to be exceptionally important to Venus flytraps during a 2016 NC State University study in Pender County. Late May into June is a great time to see Venus flytrap flowers in the Croatan National Forest. Many thanks to Elsa for helpful comments and additional images.

Venus fly trap

May 27, 2020, Carteret County

Checkered Beetle

Checkered Beetle.

Notch-tipped flower longhorn beetle

Notch-tipped flower longhorn beetle.

Green sweat bee

Green sweat bee