How to Find Classes Offering Pesticide Credits

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Each year N.C. Cooperative Extension, Craven County Center provides classes offering 12-28 hours of pesticide credits. However, for some these classes may not be convenient or other more pressing matters may prevent attendance. Fortunately, the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services  Pesticide Division has made it easy to search for additional classes through their Training Calendar. This offers a calendar view of all classes that can easily be sorted by name of the course, course code, date, city, county, and categories offered.

The easiest means to search the database is to simply use the installed sorting categories. For example, simply selecting “CourseDate” will toggle between the list of the most recent courses and those listed for the last date of the year. By selecting “County,” the list will automatically provide a list of all classes beginning with all out of state classes followed by an alphabetical listing of classes for each NC county. Using these preset sorting arrows will toggle the entire database for easy examination.

Perhaps the simplest means to find a class is to type in the name. As an example, entering “Private V ” will provide a list of all the Private Applicator Safety Training, Category V classes in the state. Further sorting is possible by using the “County” tab to sort this list by county in alphabetical order.

If one would like to limit the area of travel, simply enter the name of a county into the search box. For example, entering “Craven” will provide a list of all classes in Craven County. If nothing is shown, there are no classes in that county. In this case, select an adjoining county such as “Jones” for Jones County. Regrettably, this example will actually provide a list of all classes in Jones county as well as every class with anyone named “Jones” as presenter/coordinator of a class. If you suspect this might happen with your search words, then entering the name of a city may be more appropriate. For example, entering “Trenton” as the city will provide a list of classes in Trenton, NC, Jones County only.

Lastly, for those comfortable with this sort of search engine, when a specific class is needed and a specific location desired, simply type both requirements in the search box. For example, entering “Private Craven” will provide a list of all Private Applicator Safety Classes in Craven County. And if none show, there are no classes scheduled in that county. Choose another county!

NCDA&CS Pesticide Division Training Calendar