Covid Testing & Vaccines for Farmers and Farmworkers

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N.C. Cooperative Extension in 38 counties is cooperating with agencies, North Carolina DHHS, medical providers, and volunteers to ensure that all farmers and farmworkers that wish to receive COVID-19 testing or vaccination receive such. NC State Extension’s role is to:
  1. Communicate directly with the farmer to obtain information regarding test or vaccination needs, questions about the vaccine, process, etc.
  2. Gain data for each farmer and farmworker.
  3. Relay this information to a local team composed of various medial professionals, agencies, outreach groups and industry.
  4. Track the outcomes of contacts (vaccination, testing, or choice not to participate).
  5. Coordinate with local team members if additional COVID-19 support is needed.
  6. Track efforts and record the number of weekly vaccinations/testing provided for each farmer and worker.
To facilitate efforts, N.C. Cooperative Extension, Craven County Center is collecting preliminary information for employers, number of arriving workers, dates of arrival for workers, and other pertinent information. This preliminary information will help us plan with our partners how best to serve the area and farmer/farmworker needs. A Google Form has been created to make gathering the information easier. Simply visit and fill out the information.
At this point, it is likely that a group or medical provider will work directly with each farmer to ensure that vaccination is possible. For farmers that have 30-50 farmworkers arriving on one or two dates, mobile units are available to provide testing and vaccination. However, the mobile units are limited and reserved for larger groups upon advance request.
Please communicate with workers that those working on this effort are not involved with any immigration policy. We simply aim to ensure vaccination for those desiring one. We also have access to educational materials in English and Spanish, individuals that will visit the farm to present information in Spanish and answer questions regarding the vaccine, and even an email address that one can send questions to receive a specific answer to an individual question.
Any farmer may participate in these efforts or choose to arrange to have workers register at one of the sites for testing or vaccination on his/her own. Also realize that for farmers and farmworkers, getting a vaccination is a personal choice.
A list of locations providing COVID-19 testing and vaccines is attached below. If you have a specific question that requires an immediate answer, email your question to:

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Updated on Apr 6, 2021
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