New Fee for Molecular Nematode Specie Identification

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An increase in demand to identify specific species of nematode, especially root knot nematode, has resulted in new process and fees for this service within the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Beginning November 1, 2019, a fee of $20 will be assessed for nematode species identification by molecular diagnosis. In many cases, this method is the only method available to provide specie level information.

The NCDA&CS Agronomic Division recommends that growers only submit three to five molecular diagnostic samples per farm. Each sample should represent a different field on the farm. A good sample will come from a mixture of multiple soil cores collected randomly across a field or known hot spots. Molecular diagnostic samples should be sent to the lab in a shipper marked clearly on the outside as “Molecular Diagnosis” to ensure expedited service.

A detailed summary is provided by the NCDA & CS Agronomic Division: Fee Increase for Nematode Species Identification by Molecular Diagnosis