2018 Multi-County Corn Variety Performance Trial Results

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Each year N.C. Cooperative Extension Agents within the Southeast District orchestrates trial sites across Eastern NC to evaluate corn varietal performance. Trials are set at a standard 30,000 seeds/acres seeding rate but are planted to differing soil types and planting dates. This affords evaluation of varieties under different management and climatic factors and as such, a variety’s performance ability, or inability, to perform well under such variance. Craven County has participated in such trials but  data could not be collected in 2018 due to severe damage to the plot due Hurricane Florence. Similarly, the 10-13 other counties that typically report, could not be harvested either. Below is data from the few locations where harvest was possible. Note that statistical analysis shows that while numerically different, all but one, Seedway 8009, are not statistically different.

Results chart image

Southeast Regional Corn 2018