2017 Craven County Corn Variety Trial Results

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For the past years, Craven County, along with other counties within Eastern NC has participated in a multi-county corn varietal trial evaluating the same corn varieties across multiple yield environments. Upon completion of harvest of all trials, data is summarized and posted for review. Below is a description of the agronomic practices for the 2017 test within Craven County.

Location: 665 Backwoods Road, Vanceboro, NC

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 35°15’10.43″N    Longitude: 77° 3’28.27″W

Soil Type: Dominantly Lynchburg Soil Series but progresses to Rains toward back of plots (20%)

Planting Date:  April 30, 2018

Seeding Rate:  29,600 seeds/acre

Row Width:  36 inches

Individual Plot Size:  6 rows wide

Pre-plant Fertilization:  30- lbs/ac of 10-0-30 broadcast + 3 tons/ac of wood ash

Fertilization At-Planting:  3 GPA of Black Label in-furrow and 15 GPA 17-17-0 in 2 X 2 inch band

Herbicide At-Planting:  Harness

Tillage:  Conventional

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