2017 Craven County Corn Variety Trial Results

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For the past years, Craven County, along with other counties within Eastern NC has participated in a multi-county corn varietal trial evaluating the same corn varieties across multiple yield environments. Mark Seitz, NC Cooperative Extension Director in Pender County, has coordinated the variety list and planting order. Upon completion of harvest of all trials, data is summarized and posted for review. Below is a description of the agronomic practices and results of the 2017 test within Craven County.

Location: Near Ernul, NC (Latitude: 35°15’10.43″N Longitude: 77° 3’28.27″W)

Soil Type: Dominantly Rains Soil Series but small inclusion of Lynchburg

Planting Date: April 13, 2017

Seeding Rate: 28,400 seeds/acre

Row Width: 36 inches

Individual Plot Size: 6 rows wide

Pre-plant Fertilization: 350 lbs/ac of 10-0-30 broadcast

Fertilization At-Planting: 3 GPA of Black Label in-furrow and 12 GPA 17-17-0 in 2 X 2 inch band

Herbicide At-Planting: Verdict 10 oz/ac

Tillage: Conventional

Harvest Date: 9-5-172017

Download the results below (pdf version).

2017 Corn Variety Trial Results, Craven

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Photo of Mike CarrollMike CarrollArea Agent, Agriculture (252) 633-1477 mike_carroll@ncsu.eduCraven County, North Carolina
Posted on Sep 26, 2017
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