Want some help planning your 4-H year? Check out the NC 4-H Achievement Plan!

Do you set goals for yourself or do others set them for you? How do you feel when you accomplish something?  Does what you accomplish make a difference to you? What if you are not quite satisfied with your accomplishments?  How can you get the most out of 4-H and receive satisfaction for your goals?

The 4-H Achievement Plan will help you with these things.

  1. Setting your goals and making plans to reach them.
  2. Enriching your 4-H program as you grow.
  3. Evaluating your own efforts and accomplishments and by taking a look with your leader as to how well you have met your goals.
  4. Reaching more of your goals.
  5. Setting new goals that will help you grow and develop your skills and personality.

To be successful your plan will require loyalty to your 4-H club, group, your county 4-H program, state, nation, and world!  Service to others is very important.  Creativity, responsibility, and leadership will be required.  The satisfaction you feel for your job well done will make it worthwhile.

To achieve your highest goals, plan your 4-H participation and set your goals at the start of your year or immediately after achieving a lower level.  Use this achievement form to talk with your family and 4-H Leaders.  Ask their advice in helping to set your goals and to help you accomplish them.

4-H’ers who strive and excel in improving themselves, their clubs, and their communities shall be given appropriate awards as follows:

  • Cloverbud Achievement Award (5-6 year olds)
  • Cloverbud Achievement Award (7-8 year olds)
  • Green Clover Achievement Award
  • Bronze Achievement Award
  • Silver Achievement Award
  • Gold Achievement Award
  • Achievement Medal

Certificates will be awarded at our annual 4-H Achievement Night held in November.  Achievement Plans are due in the County 4-H Office by October 15th.

If you would like a copy of the Achievement Plan Planning Form, please email Ms. Wendy at wendy_paschal@ncsu.edu or stop by the 4-H office!

Written By

Wendy PaschalExtension Agent, 4-H Youth Development (252) 633-1477 Craven County, North Carolina

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

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